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As the new reusable pink bag for plastics is being introduced county wide we are reducing the number of locations stocking single-use pink sacks to collect. If your street is still using the single-use pink sack collection service you can get more sacks by using the reorder tag or request a delivery as described below. 

Recycling bag

Need more recycling bags?

We want to make it as easy to recycle as possible. To help make sure you always have enough bags and bins these are available from from a number of places.

Green, pink and food bags

More recycling bags can be requested at the kerbside by using the re-order tag inside each roll. Place this on your bag on collection day as you start running low and the collection crews should then deliver a replacement roll or pack for you.

Replacement recycling bags including green, pink and food waste bags can also be collected from a number of locations, with a full list available below.

Garden waste bags

Reusable garden waste bags are available for a small cost from all district housing offices. Weighted bags which are less likely to blow away are available for £2 each.

Writing your address on your bag will help crews return them after emptying. A maximum of 10 garden bags can be placed out for any single collection.

Food waste bins

Large and small food waste bins are available to collect from all district housing offices.


There are lots of locations across the city and county where you can collect new green and pink recycling bags, garden waste bags and food waste bins and bags. Our list is split into areas and includes a link to show the location on a map.

LocationGreen + food bagsReusable pink bagsFood waste binsGarden waste bags
Blaenymaes District Housing Office, 73-89 Ffordd y Brain, Ravenhill, SA5 5EDYYYY
The 104 (link to map)Opens new window, 104 Broughton Avenue, Blaenymaes, SA5 5JRY   
Brynmill and Uplands    
Kays Convenience Store (link to map)Opens new window, 61 Bernard Street, SA2 0HSYY  
Main Reception, Fulton House, Swansea University (link to map)Opens new window, Singleton Park, SA2 8PPY (students only)Y (students only)Y (students only) 
Uplands News (link to map)Opens new window, 4-6, Gwydr Square, Uplands, SA2 0HDYY  
Lifestyle Express (link to map)Opens new window, King Edwards Road, Brynmill, SA1 4LXYY  
City Centre    
Contact Centre, Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, SA1 3SNYY  
The Environment Centre (link to map)Opens new window, Old Exchange, Pier Street, SA1 1RYY   
Town Centre District Housing Office, Croft Street, SA1 1QDYYYY
UWTSD Students Union, Llys Glas, 1 Alexandra Rd, Swansea, SA1 5ALY (students only)Y (students only)  
Mount Pleasant    
Londis (link to map)Opens new window, 49, Norfolk Street, Mount Pleasant, SA1 6JQY   
Bev's Shop (link to map)Opens new window, 30 Bethania Road, Clydach, SA6 5DEY   
Clydach Library, High Street, Clydach, SA6 5LNYYYY
Cwm Stores (link to map)Opens new window, 73 Hebron Road, Clydach, SA6 5EHY   
Bonymaen Communities First (link to map)Opens new window, Caernarfon Way, Bonymaen, SA1 7HJY   
Bonymaen Library, Bonymaen Road, SA1 7AWYYYY
Colwyn Avenue Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 143 Colwyn Avenue, Bonymaen, SA1 7ENY   
Eastside District Housing Office, 78-80 Carmel Road, Winch Wen, SA1 7JZYYYY
Llansamlet Library, Peniel Green Road, Llansamlet, SA7 9BDYYYY
Trallwn Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, Trallwn Road, Llansamlet, SA7 9XAY   
Llansamlet Household Waste Recycling Centre, Ferryboat Close, Swansea Enterprise Park, SA6 8QNYYY 
Reuse Shop, Llansamlet Household Waste Recycling Centre, Ferryboat Close, Swansea Enterprise Park, SA6 8QN   Y
St Thomas and Port Tennant    
St Thomas Library, Grenfell Park Road, St Thomas, SA1 8EZYYYY
Tir John Recycling Centre, Wern Fawr Road, Port Tennant, SA1 8LQYYY 
Fforestfach Library, Kings Head Road, Gendros, SA5 8DAYYYY
Fforestfach Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 870 Carmarthen Road, Fforestfach, SA5 8HPY   
Garngoch Recycling Centre, Phoenix Way, Gorseinon, SA4 9WFYYY 
Gorseinon District Housing Office, 7 Alexandra Road, Gorseinon, SA4 4NSYYYY
Gorseinon Library, 15 West Street, Gorseinon, SA4 4AAYYYY
Penllergaer and Pontlliw    
Tircoed Village Stores (link to map)Opens new window, Y Cyswllt, Tircoed Village, SA4 9NYY   
Pontlliw Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 7, Swansea Road, Pontlliw, SA4 9EEY   
Crofty Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 50 Pencaerfenni Lane, Crofty, SA4 3SWY   
Pennard Library, Pennard Road, Pennard, SA3 2ADYYYY
Llanrhidian Post (link to map)Opens new window, Herons Way Stores, The Cross, Llanrhidian, SA3 1ESY   
CK's SupermarketOpens new window, Sterry Road, Gowerton, SA4 3BWY   
Gowerton Library, 10 Mansel Street, Gowerton, SA4 3BUYYYY
Killay and Dunvant    
Dunvant Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, Dunvant Stores, 2 Pen Y Fro, Dunvant, SA2 7TRY   
Killay Library, The Ridgeway, Killay, SA2 7QSYYYY
Killay Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, Killay Newsagent, 428, Gower Road, Killay, SA2 7AJY   
Clase Supermarket (link to map)Opens new window, Solva Road, SA6 7NXY   
Brynhyfryd and Cwmbwrla    
Brynhyfryd Library, Llangyfelach Road, Brynhyfryd, SA5 9LHYYYY
Lifestyle Express (link to map)Opens new window, 187 Middle Road, Cwmdu, SA5 8EZY   
Morriston District Housing Office, Treharne Road, Morriston, SA6 7AAYYYY
Morriston Library, Treharne Road, Morriston, SA6 7AAYYYY
Slee Stores and Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 1213 Neath Road, Plasmarl, SA6 8JT Y   
Mumbles and West Cross    
Oystermouth Library, Dunns Lane, Mumbles, SA3 4AAYYYY
West Cross District Housing Office, Linden Avenue, West Cross, SA3 5JWYYYY
Penlan District Housing Office, 1-11 Cadnant Road, Penlan, SA5 7AQYYYY
Penlan Household Waste Recycling Centre, Heol Gwyrosydd, Penlan, SA5 7RPYYY 
Penlan Library, Heol Frank, Penlan, SA5 7AHYYYY
Pontarddulais Library, St Michael's Avenue, Pontarddulais, SA4 8TEYYYY
Clyne Household Waste Recycling Centre, Derwen Fawr Road, Sketty, SA2 8DUYYY 
Sketty District Housing Office, Block 1, 2 Clyne Court, Sketty, SA2 8JDYYYY
Sketty Library, Vivian Road, Sketty, SA2 9BZYYYY
Sketty Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, CK's, Sketty Park Drive, SA2 8JJ Y   
Graiglwyd Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 132 Townhill Road, Townhill, SA2 0UUY   
Townhill and Mayhill District Housing Office, Powys Avenue, Townhill, SA1 6PHYYYY
Townhill Library, Powys Avenue, Townhill, SA1 6PHYYYY
Townhill Post Office (link to map)Opens new window, 82 Penygraig Road, SA1 6JZY   
CK's Supermarket, Swansea Road (link to map)Opens new window, Swansea Road, Waunarlwydd, SA5 4TQY   

Request more recycling bins and bags

If you are unable to collect bags and bins from one of our local stockists then you can ask them to be delivered to your home.

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