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Recycling collections for flats

All the kerbside recycling services are available to all residents in flats across Swansea.

The way we collect recycling from flats is different from the way we collect from other households because most flats have communal bin store rooms or bin compounds.


Pink and green bags

Recycling bins

Many flat blocks have recycling bins in the bin store, or somewhere else on site such as the car park.

There are normally green bins for the green bags, pink bins for the pink bags and black bins for non-recyclable waste in black bags. You can place the bags into the bins whenever you need to which means you don't have to store large quantities of waste in your flat.

Please ensure you place the bags in the correct bins on site. If the bins are not used correctly the materials in them will not be collected.

Gridded bins

At some flat blocks we will provide green and/or pink wheeled bins with a metal grid on top. If you have these bins you will need to place the loose materials through the grid into the appropriate bin (unbagged). Please see the signage on the side of the bins to check what materials are accepted in each.

Loose bags in the bin store

In some blocks of flats there is not enough space for your recycling bins so you can store your recycling bags loose in the bin store room or compound instead.

Please ensure all bags are tied securely shut and try to keep the green bags separate from the pink bags.

Any recycling bags that contain the incorrect materials will not be collected.

Loose bags on the kerbside

Some flats do not have a bin store, which makes is extremely difficult to provide bins, or an area for storage of bags.

In this case, residents can still recycle by using the recycling bags and putting them out onto the kerbside on the correct collection day.


Food waste

Communal food bin

Each flat is provided with a handy caddy and a free liners to keep in the kitchen. This can then be emptied into the communal food bin whenever you want.

Individual food bin

Each flat is provided with a handy caddy and a free liners to keep in the kitchen. This can then be emptied into the larger individual food bin. This can either be stored in the bin store, or put out onto the kerbside for collection every week.

Please ask your management company which option they adopt in your complex.


Need more recycling kit?

In many large blocks your site caretaker can provide you with more bags. In other cases more bags and food bins are available to collect from community libraries, housing offices and recycling centres across Swansea.

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Last modified on 24 June 2022