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Do you need help getting online? Our team is offering help for you or your friends and family to get online. Contact us to request a call back.



Learners who have completed enrolment forms will be contacted soon with details of their course and instructions on how to join their class.


'Learn My Way' classes are still open for enrolment: Apply online


Family Learning and Essential Skills classes are still available for enrolment. Call 01792 637101 for details, or click the link below.

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Adult education - Lifelong learning

FREE courses in Swansea.

The gift of learning from Swansea Council's Lifelong Learning.

Swansea's Lifelong Learning Service has transformed our courses over this last year. Our activities, the resources we provide and the methods we use to teach you, have all been redesigned and redeveloped for online learning. As a result, hundreds of learners have enjoyed the interaction and learning opportunities that quickly became available over previous months and have welcomed the opportunity to meet others 'virtually' while gaining new skills.

To help raise some new year joy, we want to make our online classes accessible to the widest possible audience for Spring 2021...FREE OF CHARGE! This gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new, engage in online learning, learn new skills or invite a friend to join you in your existing class.

Our Spring Term Lifelong Learning programme, starting this January, is full of exciting courses. So learn something new, get creative, improve your health, your wellbeing, your skills or job prospects. Be a part of an online classroom, learn from our experienced and qualified tutors. Learn from each other and surprise yourself with the new skills and confidence you will gain during your time with us. With all of our courses this Spring Term offered free to all learners, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Our classes are uniquely crafted from a mix of the following:

  • Pre-recorded tutorial sessions that you can watch at a time convenient to you. Pause, rewind and watch again.
  • Live online classes where your tutor will teach and you can ask, comment and interact with the whole classroom.
  • Printable handouts and session guides that you can view online or print out for your own convenience.
  • Access to digital resources including images, videos, audio recordings and links to additional learning resources.
  • Classroom discussion opportunities via our Google Classroom streams, where you can engage with other learners, discuss course materials and even show others in the class examples of your work, all within the safety of our tutor monitored online classroom forum.
  • Assignments for you to work through and submit for tutor feedback and guidance.
  • Quizzes to challenge your knowledge.
  • Links to free software and apps to support your learning.
  • Tutor feedback and support via classroom emails.

We provide accessible learning opportunities for adult learners (16+) and work to improve and enhance their employment skills and prospects.


Get Swansea online with Lifelong Learning

Help to get connected or join our online classes to learn or improve your computer skills.

Using the internet can make life much easier, from ordering shopping to saving money by getting online deals. If you know someone who wants to get online or you want to improve your skills and stay secure, we can help you.

Lifelong Learning provides over the phone support as well as our range of FREE courses and workshops for beginners to intermediate, helping our learners understand and get more out of using their Android tablet, iPad or computer. We provide over the phone support to help individuals or their friends and family get online. From beginners who need help to shop online, to someone who wants to download an app to keep in touch with family, we can talk them through it. Phone us on 01792 627101 for support. Requests for help can also be registered through our online form.


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