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How to reclaim an impounded vehicle

If your vehicle has been removed as an abandoned vehicle and impounded by the council you can reclaim it from us.

To reclaim your vehicle:

  • Contact our abandoned vehicles hotline on 01792 636819 confirming that you wish to claim your vehicle, and are able to produce proof of the relevant documentation that confirms that you are the legal owner of the vehicle.
  • Confirm your ownership in writing to the Abandoned Vehicles team at the address below.
  • Arrange for the recovery of the vehicle direct with the council's vehicle recovery contractor - currently Krislyn Motors on 01792 893388.
  • The above documented proof must be provided to enable the release of the vehicle or alternatively a standard form must be signed stating that you are the legal keeper of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not roadworthy or not covered by an MOT certificate and insurance, the owner will be responsible for arranging transportation of the vehicle.
  • Statutory fees of £105 and £12 per day storage costs must also be paid prior to release of the vehicle.

How do I prevent my vehicle being impounded in the future?

  • If you wish to park your vehicle on the highway, it must be taxed, even if you are not using the vehicle.
  • Arrange for your vehicle to be stored off the highway. This must be supported by completing a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) statement which should be returned to the DVLA (see your vehicle tax reminder forms). A SORN notification will be sent to your by the DVLA.


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