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Quality in Education 2020 History

Since late 2006, the key corporate risk particularly relevant to the Directorate, was for the local authority to continue to fail to gain the confidence of schools. An action plan was developed and has begun to address this risk.

An initial meeting in March 2007 between the Leader, Chief Executive, Cabinet Members for Education and Finance, the Director of Education and headteachers, governors and unions to outline the challenges, aspirations and key issues to be addressed, was followed by engagement through consultation groups on three issues with reports by the end of June 2007 outlining a way forward for each of:

  1. raising standards
  2. improving the learning environment
  3. making better use of resources

A stakeholder forum chaired by the Cabinet Member for Education was established to provide a single report to the Leader and Chief Executive in September 2007 which acted as the basis of a common agenda for the future coupled with engagement with headteachers as they completed the perception survey for May 2007.

In October 2007, the Leader launched major schools programme - Quality in Education 2020 (QEd2020).

This developed through engagement with schools in 2008 and 2009 in meetings about priorities on the Children and Young People Plan and the annual Education Directorate Overview.

The school organisation programme was further developed through appreciative enquiry sessions in May and June 2008 with heads in secondary school catchments areas as part of the QEd2020 programme and in particular focusing on the asset management information about each school and its fitness for purpose.  A stakeholder forum was established to consider the emerging issues in July 2008 to consider how the programme could be progressed and has met several times since that point.

Every 4 months in September, January and May, the Director meets with headteachers in cross-phase meetings, with governors and with the managers in the department, to consider the challenges and to outline how these will be addressed.  The Education Directorate Overview assists this process and is currently being used to support the full implementation of the statutory LEA/School Partnership Agreement.

QEd 2020 Launch 2007

Back in 2007, the Leader set out plans to engage all stakeholders in discussions about the future of education in Swansea.

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