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Your rent

This section provides you with information on all aspects of your rent account and our contents insurance scheme.

All tenants are charged rent weekly for their home. There are various ways to pay and if you are eligible, help with paying is available. Your rent covers the cost of providing you with a home and any repairs and maintenance to it. We can also provide you with contents insurance. Housing Services has a team of Rent Officers who oversee the collection of rent and rent arrears.  

Contacting your Rent Officer

The Rent Management Team are split into two teams and are based at Blaenymaes District Housing Office and Morriston District Housing Office.  Rent Officers deal with rent collection and rent arrears for a specified area.

The team at Blaenymaes District Housing Office cover Blaenymaes, Gorseinon, Sketty and Gower, West Cross and Townhill.  The Rent Officers here can be contacted on the telephone number on their last letter to you or by calling 01792 534094.

The team at Morriston District Housing Office cover Morriston, Eastside, Town Centre and Penlan.  The Rent Officers here can be contacted on the telephone number on their last letter to you or by calling 01792 601720.

We also have a dedicated officer who deals with Former Tenant Arrears.  This officer is based in Blaenymaes District Housing Office and can be contacted on 01792 534074.

You can also email the Rents Team using this address:

How much rent do I pay and how often?

The amount of rent you have to pay is shown on your rent card and you will be charged this amount weekly. The rent charged is dependent on the size and age of your home and also on any services your home receives such as a caretaker, heating, furniture and insurance. Your rent is payable weekly on a Monday. You can pay fortnightly or monthly if you prefer, but it must be paid in advance.

How and where do I pay?

You can pay by direct debit; with cash, cheque, most major debit and credit cards at a District Housing Office (no cash or cheque payments taken in Gorseinon), the Civic Centre, at the Post Office using your Post Office payment card or at a Payzone outlet.  You can also pay onlineOpens new window or by telephone using your debit card. 

How can I find out about what payments I have made?

All rent transactions eg charges and payments are recorded on our computer system.  If your rent is paid by direct debit your statements act as a record.  You will also receive an annual rent statement every April showing payments made.

You can contact the Rents team at any time and ask for a statement to be sent to you - Tel 01792 534094 or email the 

What happens if I don't pay my rent?

If you know you are going to be late paying, please contact your Rent Officer and explain, as you need to keep your payments regular. If you do not pay your rent, the Council will take steps to go to court and take possession of your home. What happens if I don't pay my rent? will give you more information.

Can I get any help with paying my rent?

If you are on a low income or are un waged you can apply for Housing Benefit which can help you with your rent payments. 

If you are affected by the Under Occupation Charge (Bedroom Tax) and you are getting Housing Benefit, even if it is only a small amount, but are still finding it hard to pay your rent, you may be able to get extra help by applying for  Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs).

If you find yourself in financial difficulties either temporary or permanent please contact your Rent Officer - we can refer you to our Financial Inclusion Officer who will be able to help and assist you with Benefit entitlements, managing your budget and debt counselling.

Will my rent increase?

Rents are reviewed once a year and due to rising costs and inflation we sometimes have to increase rents. If this does happen you will be informed in writing at least 4 weeks before they rise.

Where does my rent go?

Rent collected by the Department is used for many purposes. It goes toward providing you with your home, staff, offices etc. It also covers repairs and maintenance to your home and shared areas. We thank the majority of tenants who pay their rent on time, without the need for costly time-consuming reminders. Without your income, the service we provide would be severely affected. It is very important that rent arrears are kept under control as this money is used carry out improvements to homes eg installing new windows and the less money we have the fewer improvements we can carry out.  £50,000 can provide double-glazing for about 25 homes.

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