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What is the scrutiny process?

The overall work of Scrutiny in Swansea is organised by the council's Scrutiny Programme Committee. They organise and manage what Scrutiny will look at each year.

The Scrutiny Programme Committee will look at different issues. The Committee generally meet every month and often hold discussion sessions with Cabinet Members on their portfolio responsibilities. Members of the Public are also able to contribute ideas towards these sessions. A Scrutiny Newsletter goes out every month, which you can subscribe to here (opens new window), so you would be alerted when any of these sessions are coming up.

All other work that is carried out by the Scrutiny Councillors is done through different Scrutiny groups:

  • Scrutiny Performance Panels. These meet regularly and look at the performance of specific areas for example, social services, education, budgets.
  • Scrutiny Inquiry Panels. They look at one topic in depth for 6 to 9 months. They develop a report with evidence and ideas for the relevant Cabinet Member.
  • Scrutiny Working Groups. One off meetings looking at an issue of concern and developing comments and ideas.

Each group has a convenor who chairs meetings and engages with Cabinet Members. They ask questions, give views and make recommendations.

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