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Waterfront connections

The waterfront connections project which improved links between the city centre and the waterfront for pedestrians and cyclists alike is now complete.

Key elements of this scheme included improving pedestrian and cycle links, creating a high quality environment, installing new marina guardrails and procuring a new piece of public art in the vicinity of Meridian Quay. In addition a series of improvement works were completed in order to re-open the Paxton Street tunnel.

Project detail

In order to deliver the above project aims, the project will included the following construction elements, all of which are illustrated on the plan:

PDF Document Waterfront Connections plan (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window

  • Shared use path adjacent to the LC car park:
    • 4m wide, shared use path. Widening of existing footway with an additional sliver of material to the rear of the footpath running parallel to the kerb line.
  • Shared use path adjacent to Paxton Street car park:
    • Provision of a 3m wide shared use path surfaced with black-top
  • Shared use path running parallel to Oystermouth Road adjacent to the Civic Centre:
    • Provision of a 3m wide shared use path surfaced with black-top
  • Link to foreshore from west of Civic Centre:
    • Provision of a 3m wide shared use path surfaced in black-top.
  • Bathurst Street / Dunvant Place cycle / pedestrian link to foreshore:
    • On-road link up Bathurst Street joining a shared use path at Dunvant Place with a dropped crossing over to a new link to the east of Civic Centre.
  • Paxton Tunnel and surrounding area:
    • Structural improvement works to the tunnel
    • Public realm enhancement works including the reconfiguration of public space to improve natural surveillance of the area
  • Marina balustrade:
    • One length of railing adjacent to Meridian Quay was previously installed funded jointly through the section 106 contribution from the development and council funds.
    • This project installed an additional length of railing along the north western and northern edges of the basin joining up this length of railing with the pre-existing railing on the northern edge of the marina basin.
  • Public art:
    • The delivery of public art was subject to a separate project and works contract and included a sound and light feature in Paxton tunnel as well as a feature in the Marina.
  • Project delivery
    • Detailed design of the project was completed taking on board comments received at consultation sessions and the construction of the project is now complete.


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