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Trading Standards

We are responsible for enforcing consumer laws to encourage fair, safe and honest trading. Our work helps protect businesses and consumers from scams and unfair trading.

Shoppers in Swansea should be able to buy goods and services with confidence, knowing they are safe, correctly priced and accurately described.

If you run a business in Swansea we can give advice and guidance to make sure you trade within the law.  


A scam is a scheme that has been designed to con you out of your money, personal details or goods. It is very difficult to get these back if you have handed them over to scammers.

Consumer advice

Citizens Advice provide free confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues. Their website has lots of information or if you'd prefer to speak to someone you can contact the consumer helpline or visit your nearest office.

Trading advice

Find the best advice for your business with custom advice tailored to your business and free advice from the Trading Standards Institute.

Buy With Confidence

The Buy With Confidence scheme was put together by a partnership of Local Authority Trading Standards Services in response to concerns about 'rogue traders'. The scheme provides consumers with a list of businesses which have given their commitment to trading fairly.

No Cold Calling Zones

No Cold Calling Zones help combat the problem of doorstep crime. They can deter unscrupulous cold callers from approaching people living in the zones. More importantly, they can give people the confidence to say "No".

Underage sales

Would you like to work with Trading Standards Officers and the Police? Would you like to help with test purchasing activities?

Trade marks and copyright

Logos and designs are often protected by trade marks and copyright law and people selling products should make sure they comply with this legislation.

Sunday trading

The Sunday Trading Act 1994 sets out restrictions on the opening of certain shops for retail sale on Sundays.

Street trading

Street trading is selling or offering to sell any item in the street. This includes any road, path, beach, or other area to which the public have free access to.

Scrap metal dealers

Any company that makes any payment for scrap metal during the course of their business should be licensed.


Weighbridges are set into the ground and allow you to weigh vehicles and their contents. Weighbridges are often run by private companies who may make them available to members of the public.

Fireworks and explosives licensing and registration

If you sell or store fireworks you need to be licensed by us. You should also store the fireworks safely, know your fire drill and display a sign where fireworks are supplied or exposed for supply.

Petroleum storage certificates

The safe storage of petrol is covered by legislation to help prevent fire and explosion which can occur if there is a source of ignition nearby.
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Last modified on 19 August 2021