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The waterfront

The waterfront improvements were completed in 3 phases.

Waterfront phase 1

Work was completed in May 2010 to enhance the existing footpath alongside the River Tawe between the Tawe Riverbridge and the public art feature (adjacent to Sainsbury's), and to create a new footpath from this point south to the Swansea Yacht Club.

The scheme also included seating/benches, bins and new public lighting columns and railings.

This project was one of a number of planned schemes to further enhance and connect Swansea City Centre with its waterfront. The project was supported by the Welsh Assembly Government and formed part of the Waterfront City European Regional Development Fund Grant approval which covered the funding period 2008/09 to 2014/15.

Waterfront phase 2 and 3

Following on from the successful enhancement of the combined footpath and cycleway between the Tawe bridges and Swansea Yacht Club, work was completed on a range of improvements to the promenade between the Swansea Observatory and the Civic Centre.

The key objective of this enhancement scheme was to ensure that the improvements are fully integrated with the existing features along the route. The improvements include:

  • Hand railing
    • New hand railing has been installed along the length of the project area, this new railing is of a design that is consistent with railings used elsewhere in the Maritime Quarter.
  • Public lighting
    • The lighting columns have been replaced along the project area in a style that is consistent with the lighting around Meridian Quay and Swansea Point. The position of the majority of the lighting columns will remain the same, however where opportunities arise to clear the promenade the lighting may be moved to the back of the path.
  • Street furniture
    • A range of new street furniture has been installed, including new seating, bins and cycle stands. The design of these is consistent with that of the furniture used for the improvements between the Tawe bridges and the Swansea Yacht Club.
  • Public art
    • The existing public art along the promenade has been enhanced.
  • Surfacing
    • The surfacing has been enhanced through reinstatement and cleansing of the promenade. Tactile paving has been added along the promenade which helps to warn visually impaired users that they are entering a 'shared surface'.
  • Signage
    • New improved signage has been added at two key locations, providing effective and clear direction to key attractions and destinations for users of the promenade. In addition to this, signs have been installed informing users that it is a shared surface and asking all users to take care and use the area considerately.

The scheme cost approximately £1 million and was funded by a combination of the European Regional Develop Fund Convergence grant from the Wales European Funding Office, a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government's Strategic Regeneration Area (SRA) programme and Swansea Council.


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