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The appeal process

If your application has been refused because the school has allocated up to the admission number, you have a right to appeal.

The appeal process

The appeal will be heard by an independent appeal panel usually comprising of 3 or 5 members. The members are volunteers who are trained to undertake the role and usually comprise school governors, headteachers and lay persons. They will not be connected to the school which you are appealing for a place at or the school where you have been offered a place. The clerk to the panel is a representative from the Local Authority's Legal Department and they take no part in the decision making. You will be given the opportunity to present your case and a representative from the Education Department will present the reasons why you have been refused the place. Once the appeal has been heard the panel will make their decision which is final. There is no further right of appeal regarding this decision.

For Reception and Year 7, multiple appeals for the same school may be heard as grouped appeals. Appeals for late applications will be held after the appeals for on time applications have been held.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will not be able to appeal for a place at the same school during the same academic year unless there has been a significant change in circumstances. These circumstances would need to be discussed with the School and Governor Team. However, parents are entitled to a new appeal in respect of a different school year eg. if an appeal is lost for a place in Reception, parents can appeal the following year for a place in Year 8 and appeal if their child is refused a place for Year 8. There are very few circumstances in which an independent panel can admit a pupil to an infant class if it has reached 30 pupils. The appeal can be upheld only if the appeal panel is satisfied that the decision was not one which a reasonable admission authority would make in the circcumstances of the case, or that the child would have been offered a place if the admission arrangements had been properly implemented. This is because of the statutory class size limit of 30 pupils maximum in infant classes.

Parents who wish to appeal a decision to refuse a place can still accept a place at the alternative school offered. This will not impact on the appeal in any way and will ensure that their child has a school place confirmed in the event the appeal is not successful. If the place offered is refused it may then be offered to another pupil on that school's waiting list.

Information providing the number of appeals held and the number of appeals that were successful during the academic year 2018/2019 can be found below:

Reception and Year 7 (September 2019 Admission Rounds)

Preferred schoolNo. of appealsNo. of successful appeals
Bishopston Comprehensive school106
Cefn Hengoed Community school1713
Gowerton school1711
Olchfa school105
Pentrehafod Comprehensive school2625
Pontarddulais Comprehensive school2522
Blaenymaes Primary school22
Hafod Primary school20
Llangyfelach Primary school30
Penllergaer Primary school43
Sea View Primary school42
St Helen's Primary school10
Townhill Primary school41


Appeals for mid-year places:

Preferred schoolNo. of appealsNo. of successful appeals
Bishopston Comprehensive school74
Bishopston Primary school11
Burlais Primary school11
Cefn Hengoed Community school43
Glais Primary school10
Gowerton Primary school43
Hafod Primary school42
Llangyfelach Primary school10
Mayals Primary school21
Newton Primary school54
Penllergaer Primary school43
Pentrehafod Comprehensive school42
Pontarddulais Comprehensive school42
Pontarddulais Primary school22
Seaview Primary school22
St Thomas Primary school11
Townhill Primary school64
YGG Pontybrenin10


Waiting lists for pupils applying for Reception or Year 7 places

Waiting lists for all schools (with the exception of Voluntary Aided Schools) are administered by the Local Authority. If you are unsuccessful in securing a place for Reception September 2020 or Year 7 September 2020 in your preferred school(s) as stated on the application form in the normal admission round then your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting list for that school(s) becomes available it will be allocated by the Local Authority in accordance with the oversubscription criteria, not in the order of the date which pupils' names were placed on the list. Pupils whose parents appeal do not have priority over other pupils on the waiting list. Pupils' names will remain on the waiting list for the whole academic year and will only be removed if they are successful at appeal or if a parent confirms in writing that they no longer wish their child's/children's name to remain on the waiting list. Parents wishing to be considered for a place for their child after this time will need to make a new application.

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