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Sustainable Swansea - achievements

Since the Sustainable Swansea programme started four years ago, a saving of approximately £70 million has been achieved. this has been done through transformation and other cost reduction projects.

The programme in 2018-19 focused on three priorities:

1. Transformation

Taking all services through Commissioning Reviews, much of which are now complete or in implementation. These were very much service based however, alongside these the Council started four cross-cutting reviews where multiple services came together to improve outcomes for residents and businesses, two examples being integrated transportation, and delivering services in the community.

2. Digital

Enabling both the workforce and citizen access channels through new technology. The digital strategy aims to embed a 'digital first' approach, whilst also ensuring access to traditional channels for the most vulnerable. The strategy also delivers a digital skills programme to residents, so people can grow their confidence in using technology and take-up new online services

3. Future Council

Ensuring the Council has a workforce with the right skills for the future as well as exploring opportunities for partnerships and service collaboration.

Examples of key outcomes and impact includes:

  • Achieving a reduction in Business Support functions by removing duplication and streamlining processes across the Council. Over the life of the Business Support work it is estimated the Council has saved £3.6m
  • Delivering commercial opportunities within the Civic buildings by developing a more modern, commercial, sustainable and social space for staff and visitors
  •  A significant increase in income generation by increasing fees and charges to 5%, both to meet demand and to bring the Council in line with other authorities and organisations
  •  The Waste Service increased recycling rates, which reduced residual waste at the five sites to 2,200 tonnes in 2017/18, down from over 11,000 in 2015/16, which is around an 80% reduction. Waste changes are also supporting achievement of a 62% recycling target in 2018-19 - the Welsh Government target is 58%
  • Delivered a new model around Leisure. The Council started a new partnership with Freedom Leisure on 1 October 2018, which will bring investment and sustainability to these services for the future
  • The Council is in the process of growing a sustainable workforce model through traineeship and apprenticeship schemes across the Council, eg fifteen in Corporate Building Services in 2018-19 with a view to recruit a further twelve in 2019-20
  • Gower CentresOpens new window have widened their reach so that more young people and families attend on weekends, therefore offering a sustainable and more inclusive service in key tourism sites of Swansea
  • launched in October 2018 and is the first Services in the Community Hub pilot. This brings multiple services together into one place including virtual support
  • Co-production has begun within Adult Services to help redesign services around direct payments and parent and carer groups. The corporate Co-Production Strategy is in development to expand this approach across more areas, in order increase resident and business involvement in the design of future services
  • Launch of the commercial cleaning services pilot for vulnerable adults in their own homes, building on partnership working with the third sector such as the Red Cross and Age Cymru
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