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Sustainable Swansea's strategic framework

The Sustainable Swansea - Fit for the Future programme is governed within a strategic framework.

All the components that influence short, medium and long term decision-making within the programme are highlighted below:

Sustainable Swansea model

Twelve principles guide the Transformation Reviews 

The transformation component is the largest and most complex area of the programme. These principles help to guide scoping, reviewing and options appraisals:

  1. Everything is included when scoping in order to maximise benefits
  2. Increase income opportunities
  3. It must cost less
  4. Different models of delivery must be explored - research from other Councils, other sectors and internationally
  5. Provide a clear evidence base for any recommendations informed by data
  6. Involve, engage and where appropriate co-produce changes with residents and businesses
  7. Options should support those at risk
  8. Stop 'red tape'
  9. Aim for full cost recovery but not through internal re-charging
  10. Demonstrate cross Council improvements in efficiency
  11. Ensure everyone has a role to play in changes and takes personal responsibility
  12. Deliver sustainable outcomes in the longer term in line with the Future Generations Framework.

The programme has three key objectives:

To transform services in ways which will deliver both financial sustainability and good outcomes for residents and businesses in Swansea. In doing this we will engage or co-produce alongside staff and communities and increase our efficiency.

Three key priorities of Sustainable Swansea

We deliver change in line with the Council's values and principles



People Focus


Working Together





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