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Activities for additional learning needs

If your child has additional learning needs you may all be finding this time at home challenging. There are lots of ideas suitable for everyone in the other activities but sometimes you may need that extra bit of support.

Advice from the ALN team at Swansea Council

Our ALN team have been putting together resources to help you and your children while some of your usual facilities may not be available. There are resources for speech, language and communication, ASD, physical and complex needs, hearing impairment and visual impairment. You can download all of our tips and guides from our Resources for vulnerable learners page.  You can find out more about their usual work on our Parent Partnership Services - ALN (formerly SEN) pages.

More activities for additional learning needs

Snap Cymru has a great list of resources to help with special educational needs on their website. Their advice line is also still open if you need to speak to someone or you can follow them on Facebook for the latest updates. They are also sharing lots of ideas from other providers and charities.

Chatter Pack have produced a list of resources to cover a wide range of additional needs including speech and language activities, visual impairment resources, Down Syndrome resources, ADHD and autism resources and a range of other learning needs. All of the resources have been designed by organisations who specialise in these areas.

If you use symbols as part of your child's learning then Widgit Software have a special offer giving you 30 days free access to all of their software and resources. You can find more information including the offer code on their Facebook page.

If your child is missing out on speech therapy sessions then you may find these five minute ideas you can do at home help. 

If you are looking for more structured resources then the Special Needs for Special Kids website has created 3 online learning modules you can sign up for. These resources are all available for free though you will need to register for an account.

For help, advice and ideas for activities if you or your child has any sight loss or visual difficulties the RNIB can help. Their helpline is still open if you need to speak to someone and they are producing resources to use at home which will include home based resources using large print and braille.

The National Autistic Society has lots of resources for you and your family. From handy tips to help you all cope in this time of uncertainty to ideas for activities and how to build a new structure at home while the schools are closed. 

Elsa Support has a number of free resources to download from their website. The resources include a number of simple stories that help explain to younger children what is going on at the moment including why your school is closing and staying at home. There are lots of ideas to help you and your children stay calm and positive. There is even a rainbow template to colour and add to your window.

For resources in English and Welsh created for nursery up to Year 6 ages you can try the Twinkl website. There are lots of free resources you can download and basic accounts are free.

An easy read guide to coronavirus can be downloaded from the Easy Read Online website. It uses the latest government advice. You can find easy read information posters on the Photosymbols website. With simple to follow advice on how to stay safe and what happens if you get ill. 

Resources for vulnerable learners

The Education Directorate's Educational Psychologists and Learning Support Team have put together a series of resources for parents/carers of primary and secondary age pupils in the following areas of need and some that are more general.