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Swansea strategic transport model and assessment project

The Council commissioned consultants Arup in 2014 to develop a strategic transport model for the County and to subsequently undertake an assessment using the model of the transport impact of LDP proposals.

The key objectives of the commission were to:

  • Develop a validated strategic highway assignment transport model covering the main urban area of Swansea using 'VISUM' software
  • Hand over the model to the Council for its own use as an assessment tool to guide and inform its transport and development strategies in the future.
  • Use the model to test the transport impact of future development scenarios and proposals set out in the LDP preferred strategy and deposit plan;
  • Identify and assess strategic transport interventions (enhancements to roads, public transport, sustainable travel) and test these in the model
  • Recommend the appropriate package of interventions necessary to mitigate the transport impact of proposals

The strategic transport assessment provides key background technical evidence and is an important element in demonstrating the soundness of the LDP, particularly in respect of quantifying the impact of proposals upon the transport network and demonstrating the suitability of proposed sites. Crucially, the model tests the combined impact of proposed developments, far more accurately than individual transport assessments undertaken by different site promoters are capable of doing.  

 The Swansea strategic transport model and assessment commission has been completed. For further information please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 01792 635081.

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