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What is scrutiny working on now?

There are a number of ways to keep up to date with what scrutiny are working on now and for the year ahead.

We manage a monthly newsletter to help you keep up to date with our latest work. You can subscribe to receive the update via email. We also write a blog about our work.

The agenda for our Scrutiny Programme Committee is published before each meeting. These include a progress report on all scrutiny activities and a timetable of future meetings.

We also put together an annual work programme. This sets out which topics will be looked at by the scrutiny councillors each year.

Agreed Scrutiny work programme 2022-2023

New inquiry panel

Time limited in depth scrutiny - six months

1. Anti-social behaviour

Terms of reference/ key questions to be agreed by panel, but could focus on the effectiveness of partnership working in tackling anti-social behaviour in our communities; look at factors behind rising anti-social behaviour; powers and resources; reporting and response; current approaches; good practice elsewhere; the role of elected members etc

Reserve/ alternate topic

2. Domestic abuse

Terms of reference/ key questions to be agreed - but would concern the quality of support for victims and what could be done better, taking internal and external evidence.

Follow up of previous inquiries

1. Procurement

New working groups

Light-touch scrutiny/ one off meetings

1. Road safety

Enabling focussed questioning and discussion on hot spots; work to improve safety; preventative measures; speed controls - use of signs/ humps/ cameras; proposed new 20mph limits; condition of roads; safety of cyclists and pedestrians; partnership working etc.

2. Co-production

Enabling focussed questioning and discussion on the development of co-production in the council and progress, helping to improve involvement and engagement with service users, partners and the public in the design and delivery of services and decision-making etc.

3. Healthy City

Enabling focussed questioning and discussion exploration of the Health City Partnership, key activities and achievements, work in relation to health promotion, particularly physical activities, including provision of outdoor sport and activities and opportunities for young people etc.

Customer contact

Enabling focussed questioning and discussion on user experience when contacting the council/ accessing services whether by telephone or on-line/ through digital means; provision for off line and on-line contact; effectiveness of Council Contact Centre; on-going actions to improve digital inclusion/ access; quality of website etc.

Reserve list

Active Travel

Enabling focussed questioning and discussion on the council's Active Travel Plans and outcomes; current and future development; improvements to community consultation; how well we are meeting obligations of Welsh Government Active Travel Act; usage - impact on numbers cycling/ walking; and relevant issues

Racism in schools

Enabling focussed questioning and discussion on the extent of the issue; how schools deal with suspected raise incidents; reporting arrangements, rates etc.

Performance panels

Ongoing in-depth performance/ financial monitoring and challenge

1. Service improvement and finance


2. Education


3. Adult services 

Every six weeks

4. Child and family services

Every six weeks

5. Development and regeneration

Every two months

6. Climate change and nature

Every two months.

Specific issues to consider including within wiser panel work plans:

  • Service improvement and finance
    • Corporate plan
    • Scrutiny of budget proposals
    • Overall performance management
    • Welsh Housing Quality Standard
    • Planning services
    • Waste and street cleansing
    • Recycling of business waste
  • Education
    • Achievement against Corporate Priorities/ objectives/ policy commitments
    • Follow up post education Estyn LEA inspection
    • Quality in Education (QEd)/ Sustainable Communities for Learning
    • Additional Learning Needs (ALN)
    • School new curriculum
    • Outdoor learning in primary schools
    • Music provision in schools
  • Adult Services
    • Achievement against Corporate Priorities/ objectives/ policy commitments
    • Relationship between Heath and Social Care
  • Child and family services
    • Achievement against Corporate Priorities/ objectives/ policy commitments
    • Supported living for young people
    • Quality Assurance Framework
  • Development and regeneration
    • Achievement against Corporate Priorities/ objectives/ policy commitments
    • City Deal 'Swansea specific' Projects
    • City Centre Retail/ Development
    • New Build Housing Towers (eg student accommodation)
    • Historic/ Listing buildings
    • SA1 development and supporting infrastructure services
  • Climate change and nature
    • Achievement against Corporate Priorities/ objectives/ policy commitments
    • Progress against Net zero 2030
    • Use of Glyphosate
    • Air pollution
    • Green vehicle adoption and provision for public/ residential EV charging
    • Flooding/ local flood risk management

Issues for Scrutiny Programme Committee

Overall work programme management; discussion of broad range of policy and service issues

  • Specific annual reports
    • Children and Young people's rights scheme
    • Corporate safeguarding
    • Delivery of Corporate Priority - Tackling poverty
  • Leader Q and A sessions
    • Achieving Better Together recovery/ Transformation plan
    • Policy commitments/ Council Priorities
  • Other Cabinet Member Q and As (issues to pick up)
    • Archives/ Community hub
    • Fly tipping
    • Homelessness
    • Houses of Multiple Occupation
    • Parks
    • Community growing
    • Community groups, engagement and development
  • Public Services Board
  • Crime and disorder (Community Safety)
  • Follow up on previous working groups
    • Bus services
    • Workforce (including discussion on Workforce Development Strategy)

Joint / Regional Scrutiny

  • Partneriaeth (Education / School Improvement - Joint Scrutiny Councillor Group)
  • City Deal(Development / Regeneration - Swansea Bay City Region Joint Scrutiny Committee)
  • South West Wales Corporate Joint Committee (Land Use Planning; Regional Transport; Economic Well-being - Joint Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee)

Equalities Scrutiny Inquiry

The inquiry looked at 'how the Council can improve how it is meeting and embedding the requirements under the Equality Act 2010 (Public Sector Equality Duty for Wales 2011)'.
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