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Local development plan (LDP) update - schools

The LDP provides a new approach to promoting and controlling change across the city and county. It will place an emphasis on improved community involvement; a stronger evidence base, more focused content and improved quality and consistency.

As a result of the LDP there is likely to be a requirement for additional school places. We are working with the planning department and potential developers to maximise the education infrastructure that can be secured from proposed developments, to provide the opportunities for us to meet future demand for pupil places. 

The investment in the education infrastructure could be in the form of financial contributions, or in the case of large developments (500+ units/houses) there is the potential that a developer could provide a new school building. 

If we are successful in securing this investment it will then be subject to phasing over the period of the LDP, which is from LDP adoption of the policy to 2025. Proposals to reorganise school provision are also likely to require a formal process involving consultation with all interested parties including parents and school governors.

Once we have clarity and greater certainty as to the extent of future investment we will work closely with schools and governing bodies to map out detailed proposals as to options to meet the increased demand for pupil places in their area.  

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