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Frequently asked questions about road maintenance

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about road maintenance.

How much money have you spent on road maintenance?

Environment maintenance£165,540£162,800£156,900£153,400£146,500£146,500£150,000
Routine maintenance£2,261,290£2,223,800£2,084,300£1,827,400£1,612,300£1,872,300£1,918,000
Capital carriageway resurfacing budget £1,370,000£1,335,000£1,338,000£2,378,000£2,275,000£1,515,000
Capital footway resurfacing budget £650,000£650,000£718,000£760,000£544,000£433,000
Capital drainage £400,000£400,000£440,000£491,000£406,000£250,000
Winter maintenance£328,500£328,500£346,000£249,200£242,400£242,400£367,800

The total amount of works carried out on the highway is difficult to quantify as works are different and varied. Listed below is a summary.

Planned maintenance works

PATCH repairs (m2)1710426987NA *NA *85341201616065
Carriageway resurfacing (m2)1267134072933219107408849496928172794
Carriageway resurfacing (tonnes)115904207356211953917483768496
Footway resurfacing (m2) 23656**********
Footway Resurfacing (tonnes) ************
Surface dressing (m2)594961390321582760000
Other treatments (m2)141572000000

* PATCH was directed to pothole repairs only during these years and as such m2 not recorded 
** Data not held at this time

How many miles of road, in total, are maintained by the council? 

Approximately 1,000km.

How many miles of footway, in total, are maintained by the council? 

Approximately 1,500km.

How many claims for compensation were lodged by drivers as a result of damage to their car on the road?

YearClaims receivedTotal payments made (£)
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