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Guidance notes on applying for a licence for a riding establishment

If you are thinking of applying for a riding establishment licence you should read this guidance so you know how licensing works and what is expected of you.

1. A licence may be granted to an individual over the age of eighteen years or a body corporate.

It will be a condition of any licence granted that the carrying on of the business of a riding establishment shall at no time be left in the charge of any person under the age of sixteen years of age.

2. It will be the condition of any licence granted that no horse will be let out on hire for riding or used for providing instruction in riding without supervision by a responsible person of the age of 16 years or over unless (in the case of a horse let out for hire for riding) the holder of the licence is satisfied that the hirer of the horse is competent to ride without supervision.

3. i) "horse" includes any mare, gelding, pony, foal, colt, filly or stallion, and also any ass, mule or jennet.

ii). the Act regulates riding establishments which let out horses on hire or use them for the purpose of providing, in return for payment, instruction in riding or for the purpose of demonstrating riding.

4. A licence is valid from the date of issue or from the first day of January next. Please state your preference on the application form.

5. Such premises are subject to annual visits which includes an inspection from an approved veterinary surgeon. Please note when applying for a licence you will be asked to pay the application fee only. An invoice will be produced to pay for the vets visit after it has taken place.

6. Please make sure you have obtained planning permission for all stables and other related buildings before applying for a riding establishment licence.

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