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Report a pollution problem

You can let us know about a problem with noise, water, land or air pollution. The first thing you should do is speak to the person or business who is causing the nuisance. They may not realise there is a problem and will often help.

If this has not helped the problem then you can report the noise problem to us. Your details are kept confidential. Please note we can't accept anonymous complaints.

Swimming pool water quality

Please tell us which pool the problem was in, the date and time and any symptoms. For all non-urgent requests an officer will contact you, within 5 working days.  If there is possible contamination of the pool water then an officer will contact you within 24 hours.  We will then take water samples and investigate the management of the pool.  We will contact you again once the results are available.


There are no specific laws against having bonfires. For them to legally be a nuisance they would have to be a regular problem and to be interfering with your well being, comfort or enjoyment of your property. It is difficult to take nuisance action if you are bothered by bonfires from different properties. 

For all other complaints

An officer will contact you for further information, where necessary within 5 working days.

If you would prefer to report the problem by telephone you can contact the Environment Call Centre on 01792 635600 or email  

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