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Report flytipping

Let us know about flytipping of household or business waste. Flytipping is a criminal offence, and if caught you could be prosecuted.

On private land it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear the area, and if applicable prove the guilt of the offender. Where the flytipping constitutes nuisance or danger of public health, the council can force the landowner to clear the site.

If you think the waste could be hazardous then you should contact the Natural Resource Wales on 03000 65 3000.

When reporting flytipping we need to know:

  • the date/time
  • location
  • what has been dumped
  • what was the make/model and registration number of any vehicle used (if appropriate)
  • a description of the persons involved
  • your name, and the names of anyone with you
  • where you were when you witnessed the incident

You will need to make a statement to an enforcement officer, who will offer you assistance and support throughout the investigation. When you make your statement it is important that you should only report what you saw and heard, and not what someone else saw.

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Last modified on 14 February 2024