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If you see flyposting then report it to us. Flyposting is a criminal offence, and if caught, flyposters could be prosecuted.

Fly-posting usually refers to adverts for events or businesses that have been placed on bins, lampposts, buildings etc without the permission of the property owner. They can include posters, flyers, stickers and banners.

Where fly posting has occurred on private property, it is the responsibility of the owner to clear the offending items and if applicable prove the guilt of the offender. If fly posting has occurred on a council building or premise then we will try to clear the offending items.

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    1. You can use this form to report flyposting on council property to us. This would include adverts, posters or stickers on council buildings, street furniture such as benches, lampposts and bins as well as other council owned property.

      Please tell us where the problem is. We need to know the street name and locality. You can give us more details by also telling us the building name or number as well as a description of where the flyposting is.
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