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Public toilets in Swansea set to reopen

Public toilets in Swansea are being prepared for reopening by Swansea Council.

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The Council is aiming to opening a small number of toilets on Friday 26 June, as it plans a phased reopening of other toilets across Swansea over the coming weeks.

Toilets opening on Friday include facilities at the city centre bus station along with toilets at Langland, Caswell Bay and Oystermouth Square.

All facilities will have reduced capacity with limited numbers of toilets available - to ensure social distancing can be managed. 

  • All male toilets will have limited urinals
  • Female toilets will maintain existing number of toilets as they include physical barriers
  • Hand basins will be reduced to enable social distancing
  • Additional soap dispensers will be provided as required

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Management, said: "Public toilets are clearly an essential service for everyone and reopening them will help us return to some level of normality as the easing of restrictions continue.

"Our main concern is to protect the health and well-being of those wishing to use public toilet facilities.

"During the last few weeks we have been making preparations to open some of our toilets in a way that takes into consideration social distancing.

"While we are opening public toilets we still need the public to be aware the virus is still in circulation and sharing toilet facilities is less safe than using your own toilet at home. Therefore we would urge people to only use the public toilets if they have too, and to prepare and plan their journey before they leave home

"We will not be reopening all toilets in the city at the same time. Our plans include a phased reopening to ensure we have measures in place that focus on hygiene and reducing the risks of spreading the coronavirus.

"All toilets we reopen will have signs and information to help people use these facilities safely, and I would urge everyone to pay attention to these signs.

"It's also important for the public to remember that the five mile travel restriction is still in place so we would urge people to stay local and adhere to the five mile rule."

The Council is also urging those visiting public parks or beaches to use litter bins and take litter home if bins are full.

Cllr Thomas added: "Our cleansing teams are working hard to ensure popular areas visited by the public are free of litter and bins are empty. We need the visiting public to play their part and use litter bins provided - and if bins are full, residents need to take their rubbish home to dispose of."

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