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Pre-application advice service

Find out how to apply for pre-application advice.

We encourage and welcome the opportunity to provide advice before a planning application is submitted. Our aim is to encourage and promote high quality development and to improve the efficiency of our service.

On 16 March 2016 the Welsh Government introduced a statutory requirement for local planning authorities (LPAs) in Wales to provide a pre-application service and introduced a schedule of standard fees for obtaining advice across Wales.

The aim is to raise any significant planning issues prior to the submission of a formal application. This provides applicants with the opportunity to consider these issues and, if necessary, amend the proposals before they are finalised and submitted as planning applications.

The LPA has the ability to be flexible in the provision of additional pre-application services, particularly for major applications, to reflect the extent of additional officer input required where a series of meetings is considered necessary. This can be arranged by agreement with the authority by way of a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA). The pre-application response from the LPA should include:

(a)  the planning history of the land on which the proposed development is to be carried out, so as far relevant to the proposed application;
(b)  the provisions of the development plan, so far as material to the proposed application;
(c)  any supplementary planning guidance, so far as material to the proposed application;
(d)  any other considerations which are or could be material in the opinion of the authority; and
(e)  an initial assessment of the proposed development on the basis of the information provided under paragraphs (a) to (d).

For development proposals other than householder developments information that can be provided by the LPA includes:

(a)  whether planning obligations (within the meaning of section 106 of the 1990 Act (planning obligations) are likely to be required and, if so, an indication of the likely scope of such planning obligations, including an indication of any sum which may be required to be paid to the authority;
(b)  whether a liability to pay a Community Infrastructure Levy is likely to arise, and if so, an indication of the likely amount; and
(c)  details of any documents and particulars or evidence that would be required for a subsequent application to be a valid application.

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