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Parks Watch & Useful Numbers

Parks Development aims to ensure that all our parks remain a safe and friendly place, so everyone can enjoy the range of events and activities that take place throughout the year.

Parks Watch is an initiative by which the general public can report any issues that affect their local park, for example, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.  A freephone number is provided, where messages can be left 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If at anytime you are concerned about any issues or incidents in your local park then please do not hesitate to ring one of the numbers below.  All problems are recorded and monitored and where necessary, action taken.

Police/ 999

Criminal incidents such as assaults, theft, vandalism, graffiti, indecent exposure that you witness

Contact: 01792 456999 / 101 

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Parks Watch Hotline

Safety issues, broken benches, offensive graffiti, criminal damage, vandalism to playgrounds and minor nuisance issues

Contact: 0800 0787357


Parks Operational Team

General maintenance issues, grass cutting, litter clearance and vandalism to playgrounds

Contact: 01792 280210


Housing and Public Protection

Dog Fouling or rats in the parks

Contact: 01792 635600

Parks Development has worked with several community groups and organisations to develop local facilities in parks.  To find out more please contact the Parks Development Department on 01792 635485.


Useful parks numbers

Please get in touch if you have a query or want to report a problem;

  • Tree services 
  • Floral displays 
  • Grass cutting 
  • Weed spraying  
  • Playgrounds 
  • Maintenance 
  • Litter clearance

Contact: Parks Operations
01792 280210


  • Weed spraying

Contact: Highways Department 
01792 843330 


  • Bowls 
  • Langland Golf Course 
  • Singleton Boating Lake 
  • Elba Sports Complex 
  • Crazy Golf 
  • Southend Gardens

Contact: Outdoor Leisure            
01792 635142  


  • General enquiries
  • Enquiries about football pitch or cricket pitch bookings

Contact: Parks Lettings
01792 635411 


  • Blackpill Lido 
  • Swansea Bay Rider 
  • Knab Rock

Contact: Foreshore
01792 635411


  • Allotments  
  • Swansea in Bloom 
  • 'Friends of...' groups

Contact: Parks Development
01792 635484 / 635124

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