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Our values and principles

To give current and future generations the best possible quality of life, we need to think about the long-term impact of the decisions we make.

Carer and man (istock)
Our values

We have to do things differently to make things change and we do this through our values.

1. People focus

We will focus on community needs and outcomes and on improving the lives of the people who live and work in Swansea. We will also respect, value and support our employees and demonstrate the highest standards of integrity.

2. Working together

We will promote a whole partnership approach, working across services to maximise resources and knowledge and joining forces with others outside the council to ensure we prioritise our responses and get the best for our communities.

3. Innovation

We will promote and support a culture of innovation. We will think and work differently to improve our ability to deliver and meet the financial, demographic and societal challenges we face. We will share learning across the council, as part of our innovation programme.


Our wellbeing objectives  

To meet our exciting challenges, we have six priorities:

  • Safeguarding people from harm
  • Improving education and skills 
  • Transforming our economy and infrastructure 
  • Tackling poverty 
  • Maintaining and enhancing Swansea's natural resources and biodiversity 
  • Transformation and future council development


Our principles   

Our principles are essential to deliver our well-being objectives and are woven into the way that we work. 

1. Sustainability  

Working to improve the economic, social, cultural, and environmental well-being of Swansea

2.  Prevention  

We will intervene earlier to support people at greatest risk, change behaviours and prevent the need for costly specialist services, with a long-term support programme

3.  Partnerships  

We will work together with our partners across the public, business, and voluntary sectors through Public Services Board and through other collaborative means in order to meet the shared challenges that face Swansea and its communities.