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LDP strategic flood consequence assessment

Strategic Flood Consequences Assessments are overarching technical studies that are used to inform the selection of sites.

Technical Advice Note 15 (Development and Flood Risk) encourages Local Planning Authorities to prepare a SFCA as part of the LDP evidence base.  The aim of the SFCA is to help the Council make informed decisions when considering future development within its area so that, wherever possible, new development will be directed away from areas at high risk of flooding.  A  SFCA helps determine appropriate development policies and land allocations that do not increase the risk of flooding within the development or the surrounding area, provides an opportunity to reduce the level of flood risk, and helps manage the consequences of flood risk.

Stage 1 SFCA

The Stage 1 SFCA is a desk-based study utilising information and data collated from a number of stakeholders including the Environment Agency, LPA and water utility companies, amongst others. The collection of data allows the study to undertake a broad assessment of potential flood risks across the entire study area. The desk study identifies areas at potential high risk from flooding as well as providing details of historical flood events within the study area. It also provides details of any flood risk management structures or procedures present.

PDF Document Stage 1 SFCA Stage 1 Strategic Flood Consequence Assessment (PDF, 19MB)Opens new window

Stage 2 SFCA

The Stage 2 SFCA provides a more detailed assessment of flood risk posed to the remaining Candidate Sites (After initial constraint filtering) to inform the next stages of the Council's Candidate Site filtering exercise and to continue the application of the justification test aspect of TAN15. To facilitate this process the Stage 2 SFCA corresponds with a range of areas that are being investigated for their potential to accommodate future growth as part of the consultation on the Strategic Growth Options. The Candidate Sites have been grouped into three option types, these are Strategic Urban Extension Options (18 locations), Mixed Use Major Development Area Options (4 locations) and Rural/Semi Rural Extension Options (8 locations).

PDF Document Stage 2 SFCA Stage 2 Strategic Flood Consequence Assessment (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window 


Stage 3 SFCA

A Stage 3 SFCA would be required if a Stage 1 or 2 SFCA were unable to satisfy the requirements of TAN15 for a potential development site due to a lack of available data regarding flooding consequences at a site. A Stage 3 SFCA typically requires more detailed analysis of flooding mechanisms and consequences, and typically requires some hydraulic computer modelling or hydrological analysis. Stage 3 SFCAs will be carried out by the site proposers.

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