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LDP open space assessment

The Planning Policy Team have recently undertaken an up to date assessment of open space provision across the County.

Outputs from the PDF Document Open Space Assessment (PDF, 47MB)Opens new window directly inform the LDP process by identifying specific surpluses or deficiencies within communities. In areas of limited open space, it is important that the creation of new provision is encouraged and that existing spaces are retained and improved where possible. Valuable existing facilities should be protected whilst the provision of new and improved open spaces should be facilitated.

Given the scale and ever evolving nature of this exercise it is important to recognise that the outputs gained only provide an initial baseline account of likely level of provision within communities and that further more specific assessments will take place. With this in mind, the initial results gained should be discussed in greater detail with the Planning Policy Team.

In order to ensure that all available sport, recreation, play and accessible natural greenspace provision has been accounted for the Council would welcome feedback from all interested parties on the accuracy of the information sourced. Individual Ward maps highlighting actual provision and a typology of site categories are available to view below. Amendments proposed could include corrections to site boundaries or designation of uses and will be taken into account and updated at the next review interval.

For further information then please contact the LDP Team via or 01792 635082.

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