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Candidate sites and register

Sites submitted from developers, landowners and the public for potential inclusion within the Plan.

The Local Development Plan ManualOpens new window (Welsh Government 2006)  recommends that local planning authorities engage with developers and landowners at the evidence gathering stage of the LDP process to obtain information about potential development sites that may be included in the plan.  These potential sites are referred to as Candidate sites.  The aim of this is to avoid unidentified sites coming forward at the examination stage and also to ensure that the LDP strategy can be delivered in relation to the use of land

Between 27th September 2010 and 31st March 2011 the Council invited developers, landowners, agents, Council departments and others with an interest in land, to submit sites they wanted to be considered for development or reuse through the LDP.  Sites could be put forward for a range of different uses, including:

  • Employment 
  • Community 
  • Recreation 
  • Residential 
  • Retailing 
  • Tourism 
  • Gypsy and traveller
  • Minerals and resources

Candidate site register

A register of candidate sites has been compiled which includes the following information:

  • site identification number
  • site location
  • ward
  • site size in hectares
  • current use
  • proposed use
  • site plan

Candidate Sites are expressions of interest from landowners and not the Council's proposals for the plan. Sites selected for allocation by the Council are set out in the Deposit Plan.

Candidate Site Assessment Process

In accordance with the Council's approved candidate site assessment methodology, a three stage filtering exercise was undertaken which informed the Deposit LDP allocations.  Each stage was reported to Planning Committee.

PDF Document Candidates Sites Assessment Methodology (PDF, 119KB)Opens new window

PDF Document Candidate site assessment stage 1 report (PDF, 138KB)Opens new window

PDF Document candidate site assessment stage 2 report (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

The assessment process included the scoring of sites against their impact on sustainability.  The results of these site assessment are set out in PDF Document SA Report (PDF, 6MB)Opens new window and PDF Document Appendices (PDF, 817KB)Opens new window and PDF Document Habitats Regulations Assessment (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window.  Results are also set out in the Candidate Site Assessment Reports.


Draft Proposals Map Consultation

Following Stage 2, the Council published a draft Proposals Map for consultation (04/12/14 to 16/01/15).  The Draft Proposals Map set out the boundaries of proposed development allocations, including key strategic sites identified in the LDP Preferred Strategy, as well as proposed changes to settlement boundaries.

LDP proposed allocations and petitions June 2015

A series of Special Planning Committee meetings were held in June 2015 to consider the comments and petitions received in relation to the sites proposed for allocation in the Deposit Plan.

Deposit Plan Site Allocations

A PDF Document Candidate Site Register (PDF, 297KB)Opens new window submitted was published to support the Deposit Plan.  This sets out the results of the 3 stage candidate site assessment process and highlights those sites included as allocations within the Deposit Plan. 

The sets out all sites selected for allocation in the Deposit Plan and provides links to the supporting Site Assessment Reports. The Site Assessment Reports include the results of the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Appraisals.

LDP Examination

The following candidate site documents have been submitted for examination and can also be found on the LDP Examination Pages.

PD02  PDF Document Candidate Sites Register and Status Report (PDF, 297KB)Opens new window

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