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Adopted Local Development Plan (LDP)

The Swansea Local Development Plan (LDP) 2010-2025 was adopted on the 28th February 2019. Under the provisions of the Planning (Wales) Act, the LDP forms the statutory development plan for Swansea Council. It will be used as the primary material consideration to inform decisions on planning applications and development proposals

The Swansea LDP is an innovative and ambitious Plan that promotes a strong Placemaking agenda consistent with the Welsh Government's well-being objectives.  The Plan presents a positive approach to managing and promoting growth, and to delivering the supporting infrastructure required to underpin the transformative change that Swansea is anticipated to experience as the city at the heart of the Swansea Bay Region.  

The Plan contains a monitoring framework that will measure the effectiveness of Plan policies and inform Annual Monitoring Reports.

LDP Documents: The Swansea LDP can be downloaded below.  The document sets out the full range of Plan policies and proposals, and also includes the LDP Proposals Map.  High resolution versions of each map can be downloaded separately below.

Hard copies of the Swansea LDP can be purchased for £50.

An interactive version of the Plan and Proposals Map will be available to view soon.

LDP Supporting Documents: The LDP is supported by two key informative documents.  Whilst not part of the  statutory Plan, these set out information that are referenced in the LDP and/or may be material considerations in the consideration of planning applications.  These are described below:

  • Constraints and Issues Map

Where designations are determined by other mechanisms or bodies, these are not shown on the LDP Proposals Map and are instead featured on a Constraints and Issues Map available separately.  This enables changes that are not determined by the Plan to be readily made during the course of the Plan period.

The IDP comprises a single schedule of all the necessary infrastructure required for the development of allocated sites within the LDP to proceed.


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