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Swansea Working - Social media platforms

Making a good impression to prospective employers includes presenting a professional outlook on your online presence, like social media.

  • What are professional platforms?
  • What are social platforms?
  • How do I make sure my media sets the right tone?

Any online website, page or app that can be seen by an audience can be considered a media platform. This could be your own website or a page you have set up with one of the media giants listed below. Check out the number of users registered on each platform:

Social media platforms













The difference between social and professional platforms is a blurred line for many. If you consider yourself a professional, then you might want to mirror your online behaviour in the same manner. Think strategically as society can be very unforgiving.

Some employers will look at social media platforms before offering you a job, so please bear this in mind and ask yourself does my online presence reflect me in a good light?

People who wish to work in public service or in a position of responsibility (a police officer, for example) have to consider the impact online activity might have on their jobs.

We are not responsible for the way other people interpret posts online, but using social media responsibly shows a potential employer that we can be trusted.

Think about the values you choose moving forward as it will be these values that define you.

Looking after your own safety online is also essential to avoid scammers. Keep yourself safe by checking out: 

People will be drawn into your media by your unique creative ability, exceptional design skills and universal content. Use it to capture those you are targeting by knowing your audience's needs and inspire them to want your product or even try bettering themselves. Try not to come across as desperate or misleading if trying to sell a product. People should be able to see the value and clearly interpret what you are saying.

Understanding the need of your audience will allow you to guide them in the right direction.

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