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New parents can continue to complete the online appointment form and we will contact you in due course to arrange an appointment.


Parents do not need to worry about complying with the requirement to register within 6 weeks.

books with pencil and paper

Information to be given by the parents/ informant(s) to assist with the birth registration

We will not be booking birth registration appointments for the lockdown period except in emergency cases.

The information you give us in the form below will help the registrar to prepare for your appointment. At your appointment the registrar will go through your form to make sure that your baby's birth is registered accurately.

You will also be asked to check and sign the register page. Please bring a black biro or ballpoint pen to the appointment with you to limit contact.

When you register the birth you will be able to purchase one birth certificate. The fee is £11. Payment must be made by debit or credit card. We are currently unable to accept cash. You can order more copies online if required.

When this form is received a registrar will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment to register your baby's birth.

We will be dealing with a significant backlog of birth registrations and working through them in date order so we thank you in advance for your patience.

Please complete the following details

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