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Highway applications and permits

Apply for street and highway permits, including skips, hoardings, oversails and pavement cafes.

All forms are available in Welsh - click on 'Cymraeg' in the top right corner of your screen.

You can apply for a number of permits and licences either by post or online.

These forms are available to download, print and submit by post. Please see the individual forms for contact details:

  1. Building material, excavation, cabins/containers and roll on/off (PDF) [169KB]
  2. Streetworks licence guidance and application (PDF) [302KB]
  3. Traffic Regulation Order (PDF) [154KB]
  4. Portable traffic signals application (PDF) [189KB]

These forms are also available to submit and pay online.

Construction works or alterations affecting the highway

If you want to construct or alter your property in such a way that the result of the works project over, or encroach into the highway, you will need permission from us.

Pavement café licence

A pavement café licence enables businesses to provide designated seating only areas outside for their customers to eat and drink.

Permission to deposit A-frames / advertising boards / signs on the highway

If you wish to place A-frames, advertising boards or signs on the highway then you will need a permit from us.

Permission to erect scaffolding / hoarding / fencing on a highway

If you plan to put up scaffolding, hoarding or fencing on any part of the public highway in Swansea you will need a licence from us.

Temporary oversail permit

You should apply to us for a permit if you wish to use a crane, scissor lift, cherry picker or similar, on or over the public highway.

Skip applications

To place a skip on the highway you must apply for a permit. This should be done at least 24 hours before you intend to place it on the highway.

Dropped kerbs

Dropped kerbs, or vehicle crossovers are the lowered kerb stones that allow vehicles to legally access driveways and other access roads to homes.