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Have a go at geocaching around Swansea and Gower and see what you can find!

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a type of high-tech treasure hunt using GPS on your phone or a GPS receiver to find hidden geo-caches.  There are many caches hidden around Swansea and Gower, often in out-of-the-way scenic places.

A geocache is a waterproof container which holds a log-book and pen so that you can record your visit. You'll often find small tokens or gifts placed there by the creator of the cache.

How to get started

Details of the caches can be found on sites like or which will give you handy tips and advice about getting started and what to expect.

Remember to take spare batteries with you for your GPS and wear appropriate clothing and equipment as you would for any outdoor activity. 

Geocaching etiquette can be found here - it'll help you know what to leave behind and what you can take from the geocaches.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

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