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Swansea Food Partnership

Swansea Food Partnership (SFP) provides support and networking opportunities for food and drink businesses throughout Swansea and Gower.

It was formed in September 2019 as a direct response to discussions with rural food businesses in Swansea and focuses on working to create a vibrant and prosperous food offer for Swansea; to strengthen and shorten supply chains; enhance the food tourism and bridge the gap between rural and urban food.

In February 2020 the partnership delivered an event in Ocean View, Llanrhidian. At the event a number of key areas were identified through consultation with rural food and tourism businesses; and more recently with the core partnership group to broaden the scope of work across Swansea. 

Priorities of the partnership

  • Improved awareness/ towards the local food/drink offer
  • Improved perceptions of (attitudes toward) local food/drink offer - locally and externally
  • Stronger local networks (Business 2 Business and Business 2 Customer)
  • More food and drink produced and consumed locally, which is comprised of:
    • greater use of local suppliers by the local food and drink industry
    • better (direct) use of local food and drink by local communities
  • Improved infrastructure to support food and drink businesses locally (focused on start-up/small businesses)
  • Reduced food waste (including packaging)

SFP activity 

  • SFP formed Sept 19 
  • Event: Swansea a Food Destination attended by 34 buyer and 14 producers in Feb 2020
  • Swansea Council: Deliveries and takeaways - suppliers of food and essential items in Swansea March 2020 (Covid 19 response)
  • SFP social media accounts supporting local food businesses: 1180c. followers on Instagram 
  • Supporting the development of South Wales food and drink directory 
  • Networking and sign posting opportunities B2B 
  • Funding application development and support 
  • Commercial opportunity development on capital projects 
  • Project development feeding to Swansea Regeneration Partnership Economic Action Plan 
  • SFP workshop: Theory of Change
  • SFP links with Swansea Food Poverty Network 
  • Development work on supply chain opportunities 
  • Consultation via social media to support the RDP application for a Feasibility study to map local producers and shorten supply chains (application successful)
  • Work to support the need for an Economic Development Local Food Coordinator role (successful)

If you would like to receive further information about Swansea Food Partnership, please email:


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