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Request a re-inspection of your food business

If since your inspection you have completed the priority actions and improvements in order to comply with the legal requirements then you can request a re-inspection of your premises.

You can make a request for a re-inspection any time after the previous visit. Only one requested re-inspection is allowed and scores may stay the same or go down as well as go up. The request should outline the case for a re-inspection ie it should indicate the actions that have been taken by you to correct the non-compliance(s) identified at the previous visit and, where appropriate, should include supporting evidence.

How to request a re-rating inspection

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Re-inspection of your food business
You can request a re-rating inspection online using the request a re-rating inspection form

There is a £180 fee for a re-inspection which must be paid when you apply. If you are applying online you can pay by debit card or credit card at the same time as completing the request form. 

What happens next?

Once a request for re-inspection is received, we will assess the evidence provided in order to establish whether sufficient remedial action has been taken.

We may contact you to discuss progress by telephone to ensure that all matters of non-compliance have been addressed. This will help to ensure that any re-inspection is effective, not only making best use of officer time but also helping to ensure that businesses are re-inspected when ready and not before.

When will the re-inspection take place?

The visit will be made at a time when the premises are advertised or are known to be open, or at a time that staff are known to be on the premises preparing food for sale.

You cannot choose when the re-inspection will take place. The visit will be unannounced unless in exceptional circumstances it is necessary to ensure that certain staff are present and announcing the visit does not compromise food safety.

You can make the request at any time after the original inspection. Once you have requested a re-inspection and paid the appropriate fee the re-inspection will take place within three months of the request being made.

What can I expect during the re-inspection?

At the time of the re-inspection we will check that the required improvements have been made and will also assess the level of compliance that is found overall. This means that the score could go up, down or remain the same if deemed appropriate.

If you want to appeal against the fact that your score did not improve or actually went down as a result of re-inspection, then you can follow the normal appeals process.

Request a re-inspection of your food business online

If you have made improvements since your last visit you can request a re-inspection visit. There is a charge of £180 to do this.

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