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Outdoor gyms are now reopen. You will need to provide your own sanitiser and wipes.

Fendrod Lake Outdoor Gym

The 10 fitness stations at Fendrod Lake are perfect for those who enjoy the fresh air, exercising outside or who may find the gym a little too intimidating.

The equipment can be used for various exercises which can improve balance, strength and coordination and is free for all to use. The stations fall into 3 zones:

Cardio Zone (yellow)
This equipment is mainly designed for sustained activity, which will help to develop the function of the heart and lungs. The benefits from this type of activity form the basis of the many fitness-based programmes and it is one of the best starting points for any fitness programme.

Tone Zone (pink)
The benefits of these exercises include improved joint control, strength and power, posture and stability. They will also help with muscle definition and overall tone.

Chill Out Zone (blue)
Use this equipment to warm up and to cool down after a workout. This equipment is dedicated to the recovery system. There are stretching and some torso-based stations, carefully designed to target the work done towards the outer abdominal muscles in a safe and effective manner.


  • This equipment is to be used at your own risk. The City and County of Swansea does not accept responsibility for any injuries caused whilst using the equipment
  • Do not use equipment if you think it is faulty or broken
  • Recommended to those over 14 years of age
  • You should obtain advice from your doctor before using this exercise equipment if you're not in good health, injured or pregnant
  • Only use if you are sure that you understand how to do so safely
  • Only use equipment for its intended use
  • The equipment should not be used by anyone under the influence of alcohol
  • Always use the equipment with respect and stop when you become tired

To report maintenance issues please phone 01792 280210.

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