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Sending secure emails

To ensure data is not intercepted when sending emails externally, we have been working with the Welsh WARP and other public sector organisations to introduce a secure email service.

Email is a primary communication tool and a key enabler for exchanging data. It allows collaborative working and faster / more intelligent responses to citizens needs. However, emails can sometimes contain personal and sensitive data which could result in reputational and financial damage to the council if lost.

In a world where we want to handle data responsibility and meet GDPR needs, a new method of email security and assurance has been developed.

Working together - new TLS secured email

TLS is a protocol which provides privacy between communicating services. When a Swansea server and client communicate, well configured TLS ensures that no third party can eavesdrop or tamper with any message.

Basically, staff can send emails to anyone at these organisations knowing they will be secure and free from interception.

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