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Dropped kerbs

Dropped kerbs, or vehicle crossovers are the lowered kerb stones that allow vehicles to legally access driveways and other access roads to homes.

Planning permission may be required if the proposed crossing is on a classified road (A, B or C roads / main roads) and/or you intend to construct a driveway or parking area within your property. Please contact the Planning Department if this applies prior to submitting an application for a vehicle crossing.

Please note, there must be a minimum parking area within your property of 5 metres depth by 2.5 metres width, or 8 metres width by 2.6 metres depth if parking parallel to the property. Your vehicle must not overhang the highway when parked. Requests which do not meet these minimum requirements will be rejected.


Once we receive your application an inspector will visit the site. Formal consent and a fixed price quotation will then be forwarded to you. We aim to do this within 8 weeks, but it may take slightly longer during busy periods.

The actual construction of the crossover will normally be completed within eight weeks of receipt of payment (made in advance) for the full cost of the works.

You should note that the council does not allow the construction of the crossovers by private contractors or individuals.

Apply online for a vehicular crossover Vehicular crossover application

What work will be done

When we create a vehicular crossover we will: 

  • lower the kerbs in front of your drive
  • move or protect highway furniture, pipes and cables
  • strengthen the existing footpath and grass verge from the boundary of the property to the edge of the road
  • resurface or re-pave as needed.

What are the benefits of applying for a vehicle crossover?

  • Reduced congestion on the road.
  • Improved safety for other road users and pedestrians.
  • Less risk of damage to your vehicle and possible lower insurance premiums.
  • Reduced damage to pavements and verges.
  • Possible increase in value of your property due to an off road parking facility.

Vehicular crossover guidance notes

A proposal for a new crossing will need to satisfy both planning and highway requirements before it can proceed. These notes should guide you through the necessary procedures.

Dropped kerbs FAQs

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about dropped kerbs.

Vehicular crossover application

Dropped kerbs, or vehicle crossovers are the lowered kerb stones that allow vehicles to access driveways and other access roads to homes.

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Last modified on 18 July 2022