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Have your say on the draft Active Travel Network Map

We'd like to get your feedback on the draft Active Travel Network Map for Swansea.

 Dates for public drop-in sessions now added.

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The Active Travel (Wales) Act emphasises the importance of involving local people when local authorities in Wales are planning their networks of routes for walking and cycling. It's important the opinions of people who are new to walking and cycling, as well as those who already get about on foot and by bike are fully considered.

We aim to provide a network of active travel routes which will allow for walking and cycling to become the most natural and normal way of getting about for local journeys. This will also promote the health and well-being of everyone and make Swansea a more liveable place.

The focus is on routes which serve everyday journeys rather than routes that are just for leisure use. This means we are particularly interested in existing and future routes that link to schools, shops or employment sites. 

Initial engagement earlier in 2021 asked members of the public for views on improvements to active travel, and the gaps in active travel routes across the area. This feedback has helped to inform the development of a draft map that shows potential new routes that could be implemented in the future. These routes are proposed to be shared use, for people both walking and cycling, and the exact nature of the routes will be confirmed in the final map. It is particularly important that the map captures all the possible future active travel routes because, if a walking or cycling route is not included in the map, we cannot bid for funding to implement it. 

The future routes shown on the draft map represent ideas for a longer-term network and our longer term aims. The delivery of these future routes will take several years, would be done in phases and is subject to securing appropriate funding. However, having the routes identified on the map is an important first step which will allow us to plan for the future. As we deliver new routes and improvements to existing routes, these will be subject to their own design and consultation process.

Our new Active Travel Network Map will update and replace two maps we are currently using - these are the Existing Route Map and the Integrated Network Map.


Online presentation


Have your say

Our draft map forms the basis of a 12 week formal consultation where we are encouraging everyone to have their say. The consultation is open until 15 November 2021.

We'd like to hear your views on both the existing and the proposed new routes included on the draft Active Travel Network Map. If something is missing, please tell us about it. Perhaps you know of a good footpath linking a residential area to a school, or a cycle route you would like to use to get to the shops. Or perhaps you have an idea for where a useful new route could go.

We'd also like to hear your comments on which future routes you think should be implemented as a priority.

An overall network map and maps of 6 localities are shown below.

Draft Active Travel Network Map [4MB]

Map series [28MB]

List of routes [194KB]

Please note that the map files were updated on 11 October. Some areas previously only shown on the overview map are now included on the new detailed maps to make it easier for people to review the routes in these areas.

Public drop in sessions

Over the next few weeks we will be holding a series of drop-in sessions open to members of the public. These events will be an opportunity for people to view large copies of the draft Active Travel Network Map and discuss them with the project team. Please feel free to pop along at a time to suit you.

Public drop-in sessions
Ostreme Centre
Newton Road, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BA
Friday 15 October
11.00am - 2.00pm
Swansea Central Library
Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea SA1 3SN
Saturday 16 October
10.00am - 2.00pm
Forge Fach Community Resource Centre
Hebron Road, Clydach, Swansea SA6 5EJ
Monday 18 October
11.00am - 2.00pm
Gorseinon Library
15 West Street, Gorseinon, Swansea SA4 4AA
Thursday 21 October
4.00pm - 6.00pm
Penlan Leisure Centre
Heol Gwyrosydd, Penlan, Swansea SA5 7BU
Wednesday 3 November
4.00pm - 7.00pm

Before attending your chosen event we suggest you return to this page and double check the date and time, just in case anything has changed due to Covid reasons.

All events will be held in a socially distanced format. Everyone attending will be encouraged to wear face masks, sanitise and maintain an appropriate distance from others. At busy times this may mean that we ask you to wait until a member of staff is free.  

Unfortunately, the team staffing these events are not Welsh speakers. If you would like to discuss the project in Welsh please contact us at and we will be happy to follow up with you. 

How we will use your comments

Once we have gathered all your feedback we will review the map, make changes where appropriate and then submit the map to Welsh Government in late 2021 for approval. The map will then form the basis of the work that we do over the next fifteen years to improve walking and cycling across Swansea, although we will consult again on a refreshed version of this map every three years.

Fill out the online survey

The link below takes you to an online survey where you can select which locality area you want to comment on. You can comment on more than one locality map.

Have your say - Active Travel Network Map survey


Frequently asked questions

What engagement has been undertaken previously?

A range of engagement has already been undertaken. This has included use of an online mapping tool (Commonplace) earlier this year, which resulted in 839 responses and 3,210 contributions being made on the improvements and new routes people would like to see across Swansea. We have also held a range of stakeholder workshops. This feedback has helped shape the draft Active Travel Network Map which we have now published on our website for a formal 12 week consultation. 

What do you mean when you show future routes as 'shared use'?

On our maps we show most of the potential future routes as 'shared use'. By this we simply mean that we hope that most future routes will cater for both pedestrians and cyclists.

On most of our existing routes pedestrians and cyclists use the same off-road space. Similarly, we would expect most future routes to cater for both walking and cycling off the road and away from traffic where possible. 

However, exact details of all the future routes, including whether they will be for walking, cycling or both, whether they are shared or segregated, whether facilities for cyclists might be on-road in some places, how wide they are, which side of the road they will go and what they will look like will be considered as we investigate each route further. Each future route would be subject to its own design process and further specific engagement at a later date, subject to funding.

The maps show lots of future routes. How will the council decide which ones to take forward?

The future routes represent ideas for a longer-term network. The delivery of these future routes will take several years, would be done in phases and is subject to securing appropriate funding. However, having the routes identified on the map is an important first step which will allow us to plan for the future. 

It is particularly important that the map captures all the possible future Active Travel routes because if a route is not included in the map we cannot apply for funding to implement it. 

As part of finalising the map we will be identifying which routes are the highest priority to tackle. We'd like to hear your comments on which routes are your top priorities and why - please feel free to comment on any of the routes. 

It's great that you are consulting on this, but what is being done to actually build better walking and cycling routes?

Our work on Active Travel is ongoing and both us and Welsh Government are committed to improving facilities for walking and cycling. 

In parallel to the production of our Active Travel Network Map we are continuing to implement Active Travel schemes: Current active travel schemes

How can I best give you my feedback?

Have your say - Active Travel Network Map survey