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Debt advice

Free support and advice on managing debt for people who have money worries or debt concerns.

We've teamed up with organisations across the county to offer free and effective advice on dealing with debt and it's there at the touch of a button. The new online Debt Panic ButtonOpens new window is packed with free information on how to manage debt and avoid trouble in an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

The Debt Panic Button aims to help people out of the misery of debt and save residents falling into the trap of taking costly advice or consolidation loans which can actually increase financial pressures. Debt help is free.

The Debt Panic Button has been designed to:

  • give you simple clear and free advice if you have money worries or debt concerns
  • give you good recommendations about affordable credit
  • direct you to organizations and resources which can give you good debt help
  • cater to your needs, whether your debt is 'not too bad' or even if you are in 'total crisis'

Local residents can get online to use the Debt Panic Button at any library in Swansea, where computers are available free of charge.

Money worries?

Free help and advice is available on managing your money and debts.

Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to many people across Wales finding themselves having to deal with an uncertain financial situation.

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