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Hundreds of neighbourhoods spruced-up by local cleaning teams

Hundreds of neighbourhoods across the city have been given a spruce-up thanks to a new council team

CWOT mumbles march 24

The Council launched the new Cleansing Ward Operative Teams (CWOT) initiative to tackle issues within communities that are not part of the regular cleansing regime and relies on ward members to direct teams.

Since it started less than 18 months ago, more than 1,300 sites have been tackled and work has ranged from litter clearance to removal of overgrown bushes, cleaning traffic and street signs and fly-tipping removal.

The improvements have not gone unnoticed with members of the public and local ward members, singing the praises of the new team's efforts for the resulting transformation within their communities.

If you think there's an area in your ward the CWOT can assist with then let your local councillor know so that they can submit the work to the team for completion on their next visit.

Among neighbourhoods to have got the CWOT treatment recently include Pant-y-Blawd Road in Llansamlet, the steps between Alma Road and Groves Avenue in Mumbles and a footpath between Landeg and Neath Road in Landore.

The Council introduced the new teams to complement existing cleansing services and as part of a commitment made to make Swansea a better place to live for residents and businesses.

Cyril Anderson, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said service has been a huge success so far and has made a big difference for locals living in communities around the city.

He said: "The scheme is proving to be very popular and has generated plenty of work with local ward members and the public all playing their part by directing the teams to specific locations that require some attention.

"Although we already have regular cleansing teams that work hard to clean public areas such as community shopping areas and local parks, these new teams tackle parts of a community that may be off the beaten track in terms of regular cleansing work we do.

"Each week, the teams spend time in a number of wards, dealing with whatever has been reported to them by ward members. I'm pleased local ward members have responded positively to the initiative and are providing the information we need to direct the teams.

"Our aim is to provide a response team that go over and above what we already do. I'm extremely proud of this new service. It's been a huge success so far and has made a big difference for residents living all across the city."

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