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Understanding your Council Tax Reduction notification letter.

Every time your Council Tax Reduction is calculated you will be sent a Council Tax Reduction Decision Notice with a Statement of Reason letter attached.

The  PDF Document statement of reason (PDF, 306KB)Opens new window will give details of what amounts have been used when calculating your Council Tax Reduction, a step by step explanation of how the reduction was calculated and the period the reduction applies too.

The  PDF Document Council Tax reduction decision notice (PDF, 157KB)Opens new window on the front page is a summary of the calculation with details of

  • The reason the Council Tax Reduction was calculated.
  • The amount of Council Tax Reduction you are entitled too and the period it applies for.

Your Council Tax Reduction Decision Notice contains a lot of information which we are required by legislation to include.

The  PDF Document back page of the letter (PDF, 480KB)Opens new window provides a summary of the Council Tax Reduction process and information about what to do if:

  • you think we have calculated your Council Tax Reduction incorrectly.
  • your circumstances are different to what is shown on the Council Tax Reduction Decision Notice,

The information we have should help you to understand your Council Tax Reduction Decision Notice however if you have any further queries please contact us on 01792 635353. We welcome calls in Welsh.
To discuss the calculation select option 1 from the automated menu or to tell us about a change in circumstances select option 3.

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