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Potential Council Tax scams

Swansea residents have reported receiving phone calls and visits to their homes from scammers saying they are eligible for a Council Tax refund or a reduction in their Council Tax band.

If you receive a phone call, email, home visit or text message about a Council Tax refund do not respond as it may end up costing you money. Scammers often ask for a fee for something you can do yourself at no charge.

If someone comes to your home or contacts you by another method and tells you that they're calling on behalf of a government department and can reduce your Council Tax band if you pay them a fee, it is likely to be a scam as you can challenge your Council Tax band yourself at no cost.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) Wales has useful information on its website about challenging a Council Tax band:

You should contact Council Tax if you have any queries about your bill, the amount you have paid or any amount you owe. You can request copies of your bill, report problems paying your bill or request a refund if you have paid too much on our Council Tax pages.


This alert is from June 2019.

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