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I have been contacted by a bailiff or enforcement agent about my Council Tax

Once your Council Tax debt has been passed to the bailiff/enforcement agent, you need to act quickly to get in touch with them. You need to speak to the bailiff/enforcement agent not the council.

Don't delay.

Remember, contact the bailiff immediately as a delay could mean you incur additional fees

  • If you have been contacted by Andrew James Enforcement - ring them on 01792 645533
  • ‚ÄčIf you have been contacted by Marston Holdings - ring them on 0333 320 1822

Why has the debt been passed to the bailiff?

If your debt with us has been passed to the bailiff, it is because the council has already obtained a Liability Order against you from the Magistrates' Court.

The Liability Order gives the council greater powers to collect the monies due - such as the use of a bailiff company.

To get to this stage you will already have been sent:

  • A bill
  • At least one reminder if not more
  • A summons

You have then either not contacted us about any of the above, or you have not kept up to date with an arrangement we made with you to clear your debt.

I want to make a payment

Now that we have passed your debt to the bailiff, you must make any payments to them, until the debt is cleared.

You may receive a Council Tax bill for a new financial year whilst you are still paying the bailiff for previous arrears.

You must pay this bill in the normal way.

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