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Climate change

Climate change is happening and is resulting in serious global challenges such as rising global temperatures, changing weather patterns, rising sea levels and increased extreme weather.

The effects of climate change are already being felt in Swansea. In recent years, Swansea has experienced flooding, extreme storms and wildfires. This means climate change is not only a global but a local problem with significant local impacts particularly for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Forecasts anticipate hotter, drier summers and milder, wetter winters with more extreme weather events. The Swansea our grandchildren will grow up in may be very different from our own, but the good news is we can work together to make that future positive.

Our climate emergency

In 2019, Swansea Council declared a Climate Emergency and has followed this up with an action plan to reduce our organisational emissions, a policy review so we make sure we tackle climate change as part of everything the Council does and plans for engagement to work with partners and citizens in striving for a net zero carbon Swansea by 2050.

The Climate Change Charter

In order to lead by example, Swansea Council has signed an organisational Climate Change Charter. This is so we can build on and accelerate the good work that reduced our carbon emissions by 55% from 2010 levels. We hope to encourage our partner organisations and the public in committing to a net zero Swansea. Read more about our¬†Climate Change Charter in detail here.

Climate targets

We have an organisational target of a net zero Swansea Council by 2030. This means reducing and offsetting carbon emissions from the council's activities and estate.

But to make a real difference the whole of Swansea has to reduce its carbon footprint. Everyone needs to get involved in making changes. Our ambition is for a net zero Swansea by 2050.


Climate action - get involved

We're taking action but our citizens, public, private and voluntary organisations all have important parts to play. 

Join us on our climate journey to a 2050 Net Zero Swansea

Register here if you'd like to receive updates or get involved (as an individual, organisation or business).


The journey so far

  • A 55% reduction on 2010 Carbon Reduction Commitment emissions in 2019/2020
  • A pension fund commitment to reduce fossil fuel investments by 50% over 4 years
  • 12 council car parks electric vehicle charge points installed serving 32 recharging bays
  • All our electricity is from 100% renewable energy sources
  • 580kw of community solar energy panels benefit our schools and communities
  • New council houses are super-energy-efficient built to a "Swansea Standard" with solar battery storage and air source heat pumps
  • Our cycle network has grown 25% over 3 years
  • Our fleet runs 40 electric vans and an electric car!
  • Eco-schools early joiners
  • 64% recycling levels by 19/20 target achieved by Swansea
  • 21,053 street lights upgraded to low emission LEDs
  • Dragon Energy Island and Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon championed


Swansea Council Charter on Climate Change

To demonstrate Swansea Council's commitment to a Net Zero Swansea, a Swansea Council Charter on Climate Change was approved at Council on 3 December 2020.

Net Zero 2030

How we're taking action on climate change across the council.