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Childcare in Swansea

Information on how to find and choose childcare, what to consider and the different types of childcare identified, along with a list of childcare providers.

Coronavirus Childcare Assistance scheme (pre-school children)

Childcare assistance for pre-school children only of parents/carers who are critical workers in the response to covid-19.

Covid-19: List of open full day care nursery provision

List of day care nursery provision still operational in Swansea.

Covid-19: Childcare for vulnerable pre-school children

Childcare assistance for pre-school children that have been assessed by Swansea Council as being vulnerable.

Childcare directory

The directory will provide you with a list of childcare providers. Based on your search you will have the option to filter more specific and detailed information.

Are you unable to find suitable childcare?

Please tell us if you are looking for childcare, or haven't been able to find the childcare you need.

Childcare Survey

We would really like to hear your views on childcare in Swansea, in terms of both what you currently access and what additional provision you would like to see.

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