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Neighbourhood support unit

The NSU's overall role is to help neighbourhoods develop safer, more attractive environments.

What is the Neighbourhood Support Unit (NSU)?

The NSU supports the District Housing Offices in combating anti-social behaviour (ASB) and provides security for the authority's void (empty) properties by installing, monitoring and responding to alarm activations. They provide a 24 hour landlord presence on our estates. The NSU monitors CCTV on a number of Council estates, responds to incidents and undertakes foot and mobile patrols to new incidents.  They liaise with the District Housing Office so that appropriate action may be taken.

The NSU also supply, maintain and respond to activations of Responsive Burglar Alarms. These are available to tenants if they have been a victim of burglary, domestic violence, harassment or are in the witness support scheme. There are only a limited number of these alarms, but every application will be assessed.

The NSU can also remove small amounts of offensive graffiti - contact your Neighbourhood Officer in your local District Housing Office or if it is out of hours contact the NSU who will investigate and take appropriate action.

If any tenant experiences ASB, they should initially contact their local District Housing Office where the case will be assessed and if appropriate referred to the NSU.

For informal advice you can contact the Neighbourhood Support Office on 01792 513940 in office hours or 01792 648507 out of working hours or for emergencies.

The NSU are not there to replace the Police - if you see anyone committing a criminal act, you should contact your local Police or telephone 999 in an emergency. Crimestoppers also have a free phone number on 0800 555 111 if you have any information regarding a crime.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 gives Social Landlords a new raft of powers to deal with anti-social behaviour in and around their estates.

Part of this new Act obliges Social Landlords to publish a statement of policies and procedures they have in place for dealing with anti-social behaviour and the ways in which they will work with other organisations and residents in order to address this problem.

Advice is also available from the Welsh Government.


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