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What happens after I've reported anti-social behaviour?

Your initial complaint will be investigated either by the District Housing Service or by the Neighbourhood Support Unit (NSU).

The type of action taken will depend on the nature of the complaint.  Cases may be referred to other partner agencies, such as Environmental Health for example, where there is a possible statutory noise nuisance, or the Safer Swansea Partnership when there is ASB.

In some instances a letter will be sent to ask the perpetrator of the anti-social behaviour asking them to modify their behaviour.  Sometimes this will be enough to resolve the issue.

Other cases of more persistent behaviour will result in tougher sanctions being imposed against the perpetrator.  The Housing Service will seek to encourage perpetrators to mend their ways, possibly through providing support or by working with partners to find ways of stopping the anti-social behaviour.

In all cases the response will depend on the type of ASB, and the quality of the evidence available for appropriate and proportionate action to be taken.

What powers does the Neighbourhood Support Unit (NSU) have?

The NSU is not a substitute for the Police Service.  The Neighbourhood Support Unit (NSU) supports the District Housing Offices in combating (ASB). The NSU provide a 24 hour landlord presence on our estates, monitor CCTV on a number of Council estates, respond to incidents and undertake patrols to new incidents. The NSU also liaise with the District Housing Offices so that appropriate action against ASB may be taken.

The role of the NSU is to offer reassurance, provide support and to help to gather the evidence necessary for enforcement action to be taken.  In order to gather the evidence they may issue you with a diary to record incidents.  The NSU may also use surveillance, either convert or open, and if necessary attend court as "professional witnesses".  They can also refer people to trained mediators to sort out disagreements or neighbour disputes.

Specialist support for victims and witnesses will be arranged, if it is considered that they may be at risk from perpetrators.  ASB that is evidenced, and is considered to be a serious breach of tenancy will result in the council taking court proceedings.  All efforts will be made to persuade perpetrators to modify their behaviour.  Legal action taken may result in undertakings or injunctions being awarded against perpetrators and may result in their eviction.

Will my details be kept confidential?

Yes, your details will never be released unless you give your explicit consent.

Do I have to give my name?

We understand that people wish to remain anonymous through fear of reprisal; however, cases are more difficult to resolve unless we have the ability to get more information or to corroborate the facts.

If you are a resident on a private estate you can:

Report the incident to the relevant authority, the police for criminal matters or Environmental Health for noise pollution/abandoned vehicles and animal problems.  They may be able to take action under the Environmental Protection Act.  You will have to give your details as the anonymous complaints will not be investigated by the Pollution team.  You could also take private legal action.

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