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In partnership with Communities First we offer an active public Outreach Programme which goes out into the wider community to share the story of Richard Glynn Vivian, our collection and our contemporary exhibitions programme with as many people as possible.


These are artist led projects working with specific areas of social deprivation in the community, including vulnerable groups, adults with leaning disabilities and the Swansea Drugs Project. The events include guided tours and our Glynn Vivian Road Shows.

As part of the Glynn Vivian Road Show we have visited Swansea communities to continue our exploration into the Richard Glynn Vivian bequest and the Gallery's collection.

We asked residents to share their own collection with us - whether its toys, football memorabilia, vinyl records, stamps or badges - we invited people to bring along their collections and talk to us about their treasures.

Visitors also had the chance to select works of art from the Gallery's collection which have been reproduced and put on display in community centres and selected sites throughout the city centre.

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